Motor's boat lesson

This course is intended for anyone wishing to obtain the Swiss boat licence for motor boat on inland waters. The candidat needs to be Swiss resident

The candidate learns and does the examination on a Littoral of 5.50 meters equipped with an outboard motor of 100 HP. All maneuvers, on-board safety and main sailor knots are trained prior to the official examination.
All maneuvers are practiced in the port, except the "man overboard ", you must demonstrate a good command of the vessel and its speed at all times.

The exam takes place aboard the same boat, an inspector comes from the SAN (swiss autorities) at Port Choiseul from May to October, during the other months the tests are provided at Eaux-Vives.

We propose only session of 1 hour 1/2 to avoid to many appointments (saving travels) and we have more time to practice all exercices.

Your instructors :

Stéphane HARDER, has sailed and sails on all waters for nearly 30 years, skipper on an old Ketch from 1992 to 1994 in the Caribbean Sea, crossed the Atlantic in 1994, several journeys as capitain on diving cruise boat on Mediterrannean Sea, Red Sea and Indian Ocean. Tel. 079 342 59 04 lesson in English in needed.

Cédric MARCHAND, was a lifeboat captain and trainer with the SNSM (National Society for Rescue at Sea) in Britany. Tel. 076 247 94 67

Professionals accustomed to teaching.

Courses price 2024
1 1/2 hour CHF 150.-
8 sessions of 1h1/2 + exam CHF 1'150.-
Exam at Port Choiseul CHF 70.-
Examen in anonther port of Geneva CHF 100.-

Prepared licence : Swiss motorboat licence
Prerequisite: be 18 years old, be registered for the theory test at the office of motor vehicles and shipping in Carouge (phone 022/343.02.00) or have already passed the knowledge test or have the permit sailing.
Course Location: Port Choiseul in Versoix.